Blink Magazine

This publication was created by a mid western healthcare organization for shareholder, employees and patients. We worked together to conceptualize the look and feel based on the company’s slogan, “Because Your Life Matters”. Initially, the name of the quarterly publication was set to be “Balanced”. I didn’t really care for that title but the board was set on it.

After hours of collaborative brainstorming and many whiteboards filled with hundreds of descriptive words and phrases, I had a thought. We were compelled to convey an idea. The company was dedicated to protecting health and life to allow clients to focus on the day to day moments which can change in the “blink of an eye”. Those moments must be cherished and reverenced. When I verbalized the name BLINK with the tagline, “Live In The Moment” there was no looking back. It stuck the minute everyone heard it.


  • Masthead Name & Tagline

  • Department Titles

  • Publication Formatting

  • Typeface Choice— Archer, Avenir

  • Style Guide Creation