Getting Things Done

VitalSmarts and author David Allen partnered to create a training program  for his New York Times best selling-book Getting Things Done (GTD). I was brought on board to create engaging material for the young professional target market. I launched into brainstorming and research to understand the current GTD content, offerings and vision.

I found a study in the Harvard Business Review that stated, “While most US business professionals ages 26-38 use a digital time management app to track daily tasks and productivity, a large number of these respondents also value hand written, illustrated lists and the reward of checking boxes and connecting with goals in a hands on way.” That tidbit of info focused my design direction. I used hand-drawn illustrations, a hand written accent font, and strategically styled photos of young, ethnically diverse professionals to speak to the target market in a personal way.


  • Collaboration with:
    Marketing Department
    Product Creation Team
    Video Design Team

  • Participation in Training Certification to Understand Principles Taught

  • Creation of Icons and Illustrations 

  • Selection and correction of Ethnically Diverse Images 

  • Print Vendor Coordination

Participant Materials

Trainer Materials

Marketing Materials