Mind The Gap – eBook

Resolving performance gaps through accountability, execution and results is the focus of this Crucial Accountability digital ebook. Offered to generate sales leads, the principles help readers reap bottom-line benefits like reduced turnover, fewer grievances, and higher employee satisfaction and engagement. 

The visuals are in line with VitalSmarts branding and are fresh and appealing to the target market of mid level managers and HR department heads. The amount of text and specific content on each page was crafted to be easily consumed and to the point. The stock photos where judiciously chosen to lend a human element without being “cheesy”. Color and icons draw the viewer through the document. The typographic styling clearly conveys hierarchical structure.

The results were a 42% click through rate and the generation of 250+ leads.

  • Services
  • Collaboration with Marketing Department

  • Document Lyout
  • Paragraph Styles Defined

  • Photography Choice 

  • Creation of Icon