Staff Drama Infographic

 The training company, VitalSmarts, invests significantly in research regarding business communication. A VitalSmarts study of hospital staff communication shows the safety and quality of patient care is greatly impacted by five common, costly, and “undiscussable” workplace issues.

In an effort to reach upper level management staff in healthcare organizations and generate sales leads I used an infographic format to convey the findings of this research. Five hundred and fifty of this 8” x 27” poster were rolled and shipped in kraft tubes across the country.  PET BlockOut stock was chosen for the substrate. This material allowed the posters to unroll immediately and completely coming out of the tubes. PET stock also has a compelling tactile quality that conveys quality and value. Our goal was to deliver an attractive poster that recipients would keep and hang up to created added familiarity with the VitaSmarts name and brand. The promotion generated 320+ leads. With a 58% response rate, we felt the promotion to be a success.


  • Illustrations—Adobe Illustrator

  • Selection of Printing Stock

  • Print Vendor Coordination

  • Shipping Tube Selection & Acquisition